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Many people have never thought of driving an electric car. In actual fact, you can see many electric vehicles in the golf courses. Golfers have been driving around in an electric golf cart when they tee off. The basic design of an electric vehicle is quite simple. A car with an internal combustion engine car be converted into an electric vehicle by installed a simple electric kit. How does the modification work? This article will reveal the secret of using electricity to power a car.An electric kit for cars generally replaces the engine with a DC motor. A modern DC motor has the potential to propel a car to a substantial speed. In fact, the power generated from an electric motor is much higher and constant compared to an internal combustion engine. The electric power to the motor is to be supplied by a series of lead acid flooded batteries. The number of batteries required to be retrofitted will depend of the net weight of the car and the size of the motor. To control the flow of electricity to the motor from the batteries, a voltage regulator is installed. The regulator will function as the accelerator paddle of a car.To retrofit a car to use electric power is not a difficult process. The conversion project can actually be done in a home garage with the necessary parts and the right instructions. Anyone who is considering cutting their fuel expense bill can convert their vehicle to use electricity. To get started, all you have to do is to get a conversion guide from the internet. Ever since gasoline prices went to a new height, any idea that can reduce the cost of running a car would be a blessing.

Can Water Be Used As A Fuel for Cars? – Water4Gas Reviews – part for car

Do you want to learn whether it is really true whether water can be used as a fuel for cars? Many years ago, it had already been discovered that water can be split, and energy can be obtained from one of the gases. So if water can be used as a fuel, why isn’t everyone using it to power their cars today?The truth is that most people never knew about this discovery, and it was because I had researched thoroughly over the internet before I discovered that water can really be used as a fuel source. Due to political pressure and its potential effects to disrupt the oil industry, this technology has been kept secret by world leaders.1. What’s The Cost To Setup A Water Fuel System?Recently, there have been an increased number of people running their cars partly with water due to the spike in oil prices. Not only does it help drivers save up on fuel costs, it is also more environmentally friendly because it reduces harmful car emissions. Instead of choosing to buy a brand new hybrid car for over $20,000, it is now possible to install this water system into your car from your own home for less than $200.2. Benefits of Using Water as A FuelBy running a car on water, the engines performance and life expectancy can be increased, and there is less harmful effects to the environment because of reduced carbon deposits. Engine noise will also be less. Most importantly, gas mileage can be boosted by up to 50% – 75%, and this will result in thousands of dollars in gas costs savings every year.3. How Does Water Provide Energy To Power A Car?By connecting a water-electrolyzing system that you need to build yourself to your car’s battery, it will receive electricity from the battery to split water molecules into oxygen and Brown Gas (HHO). This process only takes place when you power up the system, therefore it is very safe as you are not transporting hydrogen. This is called a Hydrogen On Demand system.However, it is worth noting that it is impossible to run a car 100% on water yet. You will still need a small amount of gasoline to be used along with H2O.4. ConclusionThis hydrogen on demand kit can be easily made at home with easy to find products and parts found in any hardware store. Thousands of people are using it today to increase fuel efficiency and avoid high gas costs.